Professional Experience iSchool Workshop – Feb 2nd, 2021

For UBC iSchool students interested in a career in Records Management consider joining this workshop. Registration information can be found here UBC School of Information

What is the workshop’s purpose?

Using the principles of co-creation, this workshop will introduce you to the Records Management Office (RMO) at UBC and seek your insight into using the ARST 596/LIBR 596 Professional Experience course as a vehicle to improve RM proposals posted on the iSchool Job Board, and develop student-led records management initiatives.

This workshop will also allow you to begin developing your own custom Professional Experience Proposal with the RMO and invite you to work with us to refine your idea.

Who is this for?

This workshop is for anyone who is considering records management as a career path and who has looked at Professional Experience (ARST/LIBR 596) at the iSchool and was either uninspired by the RMO offerings or who did not know where to begin with the Student-led option.

The RMO is looking to improve its outreach to iSchool students and help create change in the attitudes and issues of active records management. We want the student perspective to help guide this change.

What are the workshop outcomes?

  • Introduce you to the UBC Records Management Office and provide avenues to partner with us.
  • Use the principles of co-creation to improve RMO’s Employer led Professional Experience proposals.
  • Understand student-led engagement possibilities through Professional Experience.
  • Develop (RMO-friendly) sample templates of Student-led Professional Experience proposals and Project Plans that you can reuse as you see fit.

Join us, inspire change.

We won’t shift records management overnight, but this workshop can help you engage in the practice of co-creation to develop professional experience proposals with the Records Management Office at UBC and create a new generation of ideas in the field of records management.