ER2500: Enterprise Risk and Security – Risk Management Services – General

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Schedule Number


Primary Title

Risk Management Services – General

Office of Primary Responsibility

UBCV: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM); Safety and Risk Services

UBCO: Campus Operations and Risk Management


Records supporting the functions of risk management at the university including the holistic functions of risk identification, mitigation, and monitoring (ERM) and more tactical activities including the privacy and information security program (PrISM), privacy impact assessments (PIAs) and risk awareness training.

  • For Campus Security see ER2550: Enterprise Risk and Security – Campus Security 
  • For Health and Safety see ER2750: Enterprise Risk and Security – Health and Safety 
  • For disaster planning see ER2650: Enterprise Risk and Security – Emergency Preparedness 
  • For Insurance policies and claims see ER2760: Enterprise Risk and Security – Insurance Management

Vital: No

PIB: Yes

Authority: BoG Policy GA4: Records Management

Date Approved: 20220906, 20240116 (updated)

Retention Schedule Secondaries

Secondary No. Secondary Title, Scope & Content Retention, Destruction & Disposition


Policies and Procedures  

EV+5Y, FR    

EV=Date superseded or obsolete   

FR=UA will fully retain records from this series 



CY+5Y, D  


Risk Identification, Mitigation and Monitoring (Enterprise Risk Management)

Reporting to the Board of Governor’s Audit Committee, records within this function support a proactive and comprehensive approach to risk oversight for the university. The records include a framework and processes documenting the identification, assessment, mitigation, and monitoring of risks to the achievement of the University’s mission and goals.

CY+10Y, SR

SR = this activity is adequately covered in BoG Audit Committee records so UA will selectively retain unique records in this series.



(File by committee name, manage by year) 

CY+10Y, FR 

FR=UA will fully retain committee records 



Privacy and Information Security

(Includes compliance control and privacy impact assessments PIAs)

CY+5Y, SR 

SR=UA will fully retain PriSM committee records and summary program information that may be filed under this schedule.


Training Development and Delivery 

EV+5Y, D 

EV=Date training is no longer current 



CY+5Y, D 



CY+5Y, SR 

SR=UA will selectively retain significant records in this series 

Acronym Key: AY = Academic Year; CY = Calendar Year; D = Destroy; EV = Event; FY = Fiscal Year; FR = Full Retention by University Archives unless otherwise noted; OPR = Office or Department responsible for source of truth records; SO = when superseded or obsolete; SR = Selective Retention by University Archives; UA = University Archives; Y = Year