RA5550: Research Administration – Human Research Ethics Management

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Schedule Number


Primary Title

Human Research Ethics Management

Office of Primary Responsibility

UBCV: VP Research & Innovation, Office of Research Ethics; Researchers 

UBCO: Office of Research Services


The University requires all research involving human participants conducted by its students, staff, and faculty, on or off-campus, to undergo prior ethics review and clearance through the Office of Research Ethics. 

The records include the agendas, minutes, and working papers of the Research Ethics Board, research ethics application files and associated attachments, modifications to the research, results of ethics review, documentation regarding formal and informal appeals of ethics review decisions, reports on adverse events, annual progress reports, and associated correspondence.

Vital: No

PIB: Yes


BoG Policy LR2: Research Policy 

BoG Policy LR9: Human Research Policy 

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2 2018) 

Health Canada. Guidance for Records Related to Clinical Trials Guide 0068 

Office of Research Ethics, SOP #304: Documentation and Document Management2018 

Date Approved: 20220729

Retention Schedule Secondaries

Secondary No. Secondary Title, Scope & Content Retention, Destruction & Disposition


Policies and Procedures  

EV+5Y, FR    

EV=Date superseded or obsolete   

FR=UA will fully retain records from this series  



EV+5Y, D  

EV=Date superseded or obsolete   


Ethics Review Agreements 

(With other institutions or organizations) 

EV+10Y, FR 

EV=Date agreement is no longer in force 

FR=UA will fully retain records from this series 


Research Projects  

Submission Materials including approved acknowledged or disapproved.

CY+15Y, SR (Clinical trials)

CY+10Y, SR (All other Human Research)

SR=UA will selectively retain research projects 


Research Ethics Boards (REB) 

Includes process and management documents such as terms of reference, governance structure, annual reports, process flowchart as well as board proceedings.

AY+10Y, FR 

FR=UA will fully retain records of the Research Ethics Board  

Acronym Key: AY = Academic Year; CY = Calendar Year; D = Destroy; EV = Event; FY = Fiscal Year; FR = Full Retention by University Archives unless otherwise noted; OPR = Office or Department responsible for source of truth records; SO = when superseded or obsolete; SR = Selective Retention by University Archives; UA = University Archives; Y = Year