RA5800: Research Administration – Scholarly Integrity – Investigation Management 

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Schedule Number


Primary Title

Scholarly Integrity – Investigation Management   

Office of Primary Responsibility

VP Research and Innovation


Records related to scholarly integrity investigations conducted under the Scholarly Integrity Policy (Board of Governors Policy SC6). Includes allegation, inquiry and investigative committee records, correspondence, final reports and documents related to reporting to the Secretariat for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Investigative committee files are retained by the Chair of the committee.  

  • See also ST6750: Students – Misconduct

Vital: No

PIB: Yes

Authority: BOG Policy SC6: Scholarly Integrity 

Date Approved: 20220729

Retention Schedule Secondaries

Secondary No. Secondary Title, Scope & Content Retention, Destruction & Disposition


Policies and Procedures  

EV+5Y, FR    

EV=Date record is superseded or obsolete   

FR=UA will fully retain records from this series  



EV+5Y, D  

EV=Date record is superseded or obsolete   


Master tracking   

EV+10Y, SR  

SR=VPRI will selectively retain master tracking sheets  


Allegation and Inquiry   

EV+7Y, SR  

EV=Date jurisdiction has been confirmed records are moved to become part of Committee records  

SR = VPRI will selectively retain key records of Allegation and Inquiry and destroy remainder where final resolution of the case, including any grievance period, has expired  


Investigation Committees   

EV+10Y, FR  

EV=Date final report is issued  

FR=VPRI will fully retain Investigation records  



Note: File pertinent correspondence regarding an investigation to the investigation file.  

EV+10Y, SR  



EV+10Y, SR  

EV=Date University formally considers a scholarly integrity matter closed  

SR=VPRI will retain key or precedent setting issues from this records series   


Anonymized Case Summaries   

EV+10, FR  

EV=Publication of full and final anonymized case summary on research.ubc.ca

FR=UA will fully retain anonymized case summary files


Reporting to Tri Agency   

EV+10Y, SR  

EV=Eligible reports are sent to the Secretariat for the Responsible Conduct of Research only when an investigation is complete, any recourse or discipline has been administered, and any grievance period related to that discipline or recourse has been exhausted.

SR=VPRI will retain report and cover letter  

Acronym Key: AY = Academic Year; CY = Calendar Year; D = Destroy; EV = Event; FY = Fiscal Year; FR = Full Retention by University Archives unless otherwise noted; OPR = Office or Department responsible for source of truth records; SO = when superseded or obsolete; SR = Selective Retention by University Archives; UA = University Archives; Y = Year