ST6800: Students – Postgraduate Medical Trainee Management

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Schedule Number


Primary Title

Postgraduate Medical Trainee Management

Office of Primary Responsibility

Faculty of Medicine Postgraduate Medical Education


Records documenting the education of postgraduate medical trainees in residency, post-residency or post-certification programs. Includes process of admission, matched CaIRMS information, resident files, and postgraduate visiting electives and fellows. Includes resident leave, vacation management letters of award and disciplinary actions.

Vital: No

PIB: Yes

Authority: Postgraduate medical Education Policy No. 5 Resident Records Policy

Date Approved: 20220729

Retention Schedule Secondaries

Secondary No. Secondary Title, Scope & Content Retention, Destruction & Disposition


Policies and Procedures

EV+5Y, FR  

EV=when record is superseded or obsolete 

FR=UA will fully retain records from this series



EV+5Y, D

EV=when record is superseded or obsolete


Admissions and Recruitment Assessments

Includes Rank order Lists, interview notes and forms, file review forms, checklists, etc.

EV+1Y, D

Unsuccessful = C+1Y, Destroy.

Successful = Retain in resident file


Applications for CaRMS – Matched

For CMGs, IMGs and Sub- Specialty.

EV+ 1Y, D

EV= duration of residence

Note: Do not download unmatched from CaRMS




SR=UA will selectively retain records from this series


Postgraduate Fellows

Records of attendance and grades are sent to home school.

AY+7Y, D


Postgraduate Visiting Electives

AY+7Y, D


Resident Files

(paper and digital files)

Includes application records, certificates, AVPs, CCTs, EPAs,  ITERs, CITERs, OSCEs, FITER, Transfers, Waiving, Training Verifications, PEAPs, Electives, leave and vacation management records, letters of good standing, letters of award, correspondence with sites and trainees.

CY+50Y, D

Individual records to be transferred to resident file once process copies are no longer active or once information is entered into an information system

Note: Final summative judgement records such as FITER, remediation plans, disciplinary actions and correspondence should be retained for the full retention. Field notes and periodic reviews are less important and could be weeded from the file once the summative record exists.



Includes any documents used to track entities such as resident contact information, sponsors, community or teaching site information, progress, budget expenditure, etc.

EV+0, D

EV=when tracking is no longer required


Verification of Training

Includes verification letters that past residents request to verify their training, which are only retained for internal reference, and corresponding invoice.

Note: A digital version of verification letters and corresponding invoices may serve as convenience copies for internal reference. This information should be part of the

Resident file.

CY+50Y, D



CY+5Y, D




SR=UA will selectively retain records from this series

Acronym Key: AY = Academic Year; CY = Calendar Year; D = Destroy; EV = Event; FY = Fiscal Year; FR = Full Retention by University Archives unless otherwise noted; OPR = Office or Department responsible for source of truth records; SO = when superseded or obsolete; SR = Selective Retention by University Archives; UA = University Archives; Y = Year