UP8500: UBC Press

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Schedule Number


Primary Title

UBC Press 

Office of Primary Responsibility

UBC Press


Records supporting the book production process at UBC Press. Includes acquisitions, book proposals, and author contracts of scholarly monographs or new trade imprints: On Point Press; Purich Publishing Ltd.; On Campus. Also includes official proceeding of the Publication Board. 

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  • For marketing see AD1000: Administration – Communications and Marketing 
  • For staff meetings see AD1200: Administration – Office Management 
  • For finance see Financial Management block (FM)

Vital: No

PIB: Yes

Authority: Copyright Act [R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42]

Date Approved: 20220729

Retention Schedule Secondaries

Secondary No. Secondary Title, Scope & Content Retention, Destruction & Disposition


Policies and Procedures  

EV+5Y, FR    

EV=Date superseded or obsolete   

FR=UA will fully retain records from this series  



EV+5Y, D  

EV=Date superseded or obsolete   


Book Production 

Original Files, transmittal forms, copy forms.

Original & copy forms EV+10Y, P 

Transmittal Forms, EV+7Y, D 

EV=Date of publication run 

P=OPR will permanently retain two (2) copies of each publication run; other documentation can be destroyed when no longer required


Contract to Publish   

Includes territorial rights, translationcontract and any amendments, correspondence with authors.

EV+10Y, FR 

EV=At contract completion 

FR=UA will retain records from this series 


Editorial Management  

Includes acquisitions, Editorial meetings, Publications Board minutes, book proposals, peer review process.

EV+10Y, FR 

EV=Date book proposal is approved by publication board 



Includes digital platform initiatives. 

EV+7Y, SR 

EV=Date project closes 


Royalty Records 

EV+40Y, D 

Retention Note: Retention based on terms defined in contract or 40 years whichever is longer



CY+5Y, D



CY+5Y, SR 

SR=UA will selectively retain records from this series 


Publication Board 

Official proceedings.

CY+7Y, FR 

FR=UA will fully retain records of the Publication Board 

Acronym Key: AY = Academic Year; CY = Calendar Year; D = Destroy; EV = Event; FY = Fiscal Year; FR = Full Retention by University Archives unless otherwise noted; OPR = Office or Department responsible for source of truth records; P = Permanent Retention by OPR; SO = when superseded or obsolete; SR = Selective Retention by University Archives; UA = University Archives; Y = Year