Assessment process

The Records Management Office helps units to improve their records management processes by assessing their current practices, and teach them how to secure and store their information. Contact us to set up an appointment


Step 1. Interview and discussion of unit’s Records Management needs

  • Concerns, issues, and “pinch points” are discussed
    • You need help re-organizing your files
    • You have difficulty finding records
    • You are running out of storage space
    • You want to get rid of some files but not sure if you should
    • You need to know what the guidelines are for document disposition, storage and archiving
  • Select a Records Management contact person at this point to serve as a single contact source for RM issues

Step 2. Records survey

  • The RM team will come to your unit to do an inventory of your files:
    • map how you manage your records
    • label boxes for disposal, retention or archives
  • Set-up a next meeting to discuss our Survey findings

Step 3. Survey findings and consultation

  • We will discuss concerns and issues and how best to mitigate
  • We will listen to your concerns regarding our findings
  • We will work with you to find solutions

Step 4. Written recommendations and decisions

  • We will write a “Recommendations” document which will detail:
    • Business needs
    • Security
    • Retention requirements
    • Cost effective considerations
    • Historical value of records for archiving
    • Offsite storage
    • Classification
    • Retention Schedules
    • Confidential shred and other services
  • If you agree with our findings we will help the unit with storage, disposition, or archiving of documents.
  • We will not proceed until we receive written consent that the unit wants to proceed with the recommendations.

Step 5. Records will be confidentially shredded, stored or sent to University Archives as appropriate

  • All units will receive a detailed chart of fees for delivery, new pick-up, return pickup, storage, confidential shred, and digitization (if required)